Steel Fences


Steel fences are much stronger than aluminum fences and a great choice when looking for a beautiful, strong and long lasting fence. Our steel fences are manufactured here in the United States.


Ornamental steel fencing has the look and feel of traditional wrought iron fencing, but without the high maintenance and need to be repainted in the future. All the products we use are pre-galvanized and powder coated for durability

Steel Fence Questions & Answers

Q:Why purchase and install a steel fence?
There are obviously many reasons to purchase a fence, but why a steel fence? A major advantage of a steel fence over an aluminum, wood, vinyl or even composite fence, is its high level of strength. Our steel fences are over 4x as strong as comparable aluminum fencing. A fence is an investment in your home that can increase the equity, but if your fence only lasts for 10 years and you sell your home in 15, that investment is gone forever. Our steel fences will hold their value up to the day you go to sell your home. Another advantage of a steel fence is that it allows for viability while still providing a high level of security and protection.


Iron Fences

We also build fences using brick, block and stone columns and knee walls and decorate them with iron fence panels. After determining a style or design, which are many we deliver on-site and install per your layout. When building iron fences onto stone or brick knee walls and columns, the posts are set into the stone or brick as it's being built. For existing walls, we core drill into the stone or block and set the posts with Quick-rock. It is important to have a company that can do both or insure that the structure is built with designs that are understood by both companies. We build all our columns and block walls with experienced masons.

Decorative Iron Fences

While we supply and install a large variety of decorative steel and ornamental aluminum fence panels, we also custom weld decorative steel fences to match any desired style or design. These highly permanent fences can and will last for hundreds of years! We custom manufacture fences for universities, historical designs, residential home owners, business or neighborhood gate entrances and more.


Chain Link

We are the fence contractor to supply and install chain link fencing in San Diego County,
Spearhead is proud to service almost all of San Diego County.

Call today to schedule a free in-home estimate.

Looking for chain link materials only?
We supply our chain link fencing to home owners and professional fence contractors . Give us a call today for pricing on our chain link fence materials and accessories.



Black Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fencing

Our installed black vinyl coated chain link fencing will secure and protect your backyard, at an economical price. Black chain link fencing materials come in a variety of sizes and gauges and are available for purchase and installation. Give us a call to see how we can help.



PVC Color Coated Chain Link Fencing

All our fencing products are domestically manufactured here in the United States. Posts and all the fittings used in chain link fence construction are powder or vinyl coated to match the color of the fencing chosen.


Chain Link Gates

Our chain link gates are custom fabricated to fit any angle or design and includes standard gate hardware. For pricing, call (760) 451-9601.


Our chain link gates are fabricated to accommodate for any size or design. Current Average Gate Cost: The pricing below includes the average cost for supply and professional installation of our domestically manufactured residential black vinyl coated chain link gates. Includes standard gate hardware. For pricing of gate size and styles not mentioned below, call (760) 451-9601.

Fence Slats & Inserts

Our fencing company supplies chain link fencing slat materials nationwide and provides installation services for our customers here in San Diego County. These decorative fence slats provide privacy, beautify chain link fencing, act as a barrier and are also used as a wind screen. Whether you are looking for vertical inserts, top or bottom locking inserts, wing slats, hedge link slats, colored chain link slats or even aluminum inserts, we are just a call away.


Installation of Privacy Fence Slats

Installing chain link fence inserts consists of sliding the slats down through the chain link mesh and locking them with a top or bottom channel if you purchase top or bottom locking slats. It's often much more difficult to install the inserts into an older and more run down chain link fence, as the mesh is often bent and must be straightened in various places so that the slats can slide down and in place. When professionally installing chain link slats for our customers in San Diego County, we often price our services based on the size and condition of the fencing.